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Successful Romanian-Bulgarian project presented to the EU Interreg Community!

In the time frame 22-23 May 2019, the European Commission (DG Regio), in collaboration with the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union, have hosted in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Parliament, the most important event regarding the European teritorial cooperation programmes.

During the event, three projects have been selected to be presented to the representatives participating at the meeting (a cross-border, a transnational and an interregional project).

Project JEROME financed through our programme, has been chosen to be presented as best practice example for cross-border programmes. The participation at the event has been a record and the event has been presented in multiple articles both at local and national level.

SIAS Romania and SOBT Bulgaria, in collaboration with IGSU, the D-EMERSYS Romanian partner, and NIMP, lead partner for JEROME and D-EMERSYS, have performed a demonstrative exercise in Giurgiu, close to the border point, and the approach on how to handle chemical or biological weapons has been practiced.

The equipment purchased through the project allows the intervention units to collect data in order to assess the situation regarding: the type of event, its amplitude and the responsibilities' definition, getting also control over the situation and protecting the intervention area.

We are thrilled by the success of our project!

Images from the event: and more pictures are available here. The media coverage of the event can be seen on the following links:

Published on 27.05.2019


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