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ROBG 499


Live, interactive and virtual environments for the museums of the lower Danube cross-border area between Romania and Bulgaria

What’s the goal?

The aim of the project is to show that the modern ICT technologies can be used for the wider popularization and the attraction of more tourists in the museums and the CBC area.

What’s the budget?

479,655.05euro, out of which 407,706.78euro ERDF

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): University of Ruse Angel Kanchev (Bulgaria);

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Rousse Regional Museum of History (Bulgaria);

Beneficiary 3 (B3): Regional Historical Museum - Silistra (Bulgaria);

Beneficiary 4 (B4): Lower Danube Museum Calarasi (Romania);

Beneficiary 5 (B5): Iron Gates Region Museum (Romania).

When is it happening?

Start date: 08.12.2018

End date: 07.06.2020

Duration: 18 months

Where is it happening?

Ruse and Silistra in Bulgaria

Calarasi and Mehedinti in Romania

How is it going to happen?

  • State of the art virtual reality cameras with LIVE streaming capabilities will be
  • used in the museums;
  • Touch screen terminals will be deployed in the museum;
  • A special game application will be developed (NFC/QR codes in the museums);
  • 3D mappings shows in Romania and Bulgaria;
  • Devolopment of developing of the “Path of the Danube museums” strategy.

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs:

- 2500 more visits to supported sites of cultural and natural heritage and attraction;

- 6 integrated tourism products/services created;

- 1 common strategy, policy or management plan for valorising (including raising awareness) the cultural and natural heritage through its restoration and promotion for sustainable economic uses;

Programme results: 2500 tourist overnights in the CBC region.

Project status

Project beneficiaries are working on the technical specifications of the Live Streaming equipment, foreseen to be purchased and further integrated within a common Live Streaming system with access to 360-degree VR cameras.

Part from the development and integration of interactive systems represent the already purchased Smart TVs, white screens and the Magnetic board on behalf of LB and the Exhibition stands/displays, chairs, LED Smart TVs, Multimedia projectors and white screens for the projectors on behalf of B5.

In addition, the project beneficiaries organized so far two launching press conferences in Ruse and Drobeta Turnu Severin, attended by representatives of local media and administration.

The webpage of the project was elaborated and is available at . Furthermore, LB created a Facebook page for the project, which is available on: .

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