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 ROBG-1 E-bike Net

What’s the goal?

A network of electrical bicycles, which people can use to move freely in the whole cross-border area (32 towns).

What’s the budget?

762,085.72 euro, out of which 647,772.86 ERDF

Target at the half of the implementation period:100,955 euro.

Who is doing it?

Lead partner: Agency for Regional Development and Business Center – Vidin (Bulgaria)


- Vidin chamber of commerce and industry

- Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software Oltenia

- Local Employers’ Association for Small and Middle Enterprises Calafat

When is it happening?

Start date:02.02.2016

End date:01.02.2018

Duration: 24 months

Where is it happening?

VelikoTarnovo, Pleven, Vidin, Vratsa, Ruse and Dobrich in Bulgaria (+ Sofia).

Giurgiu, Mehedinţi, Calarasi, Constanta, Dolj in Romania (+Bucharest).

How is it going to happen?

  • 32 towns will be equipped with e-bike stations;
  • 70 e-bike charging station points will cover the whole cbc area;
  • (at least) 480 people will participate in e-biking events within the project;
  • 2350 e-bikes (free rentals) will be provided within the project;
  • 2 studies for connectivity of e-bike Net to TEN-T infrastructure and recommended e-bike routes will be realized;
  • 18 e-biking events – promotional tours and festivals will be organized to promote e-biking as sustainable individual mobility option.

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: 1 joint mechanisms created (e-bike network).

Programme results: Cross border population (95.000 people) served by modernized infrastructure leading to TEN-T

Project status (reflected in progress reports)

Reference period: 02/02/2016 – 01/05/2016
All relevant public procurement procedures have been launched: development of the Study on Romania-Bulgaria CBC area, preparation and creation of the E-bike Network, training for e-bike maintenance and promotion campaign.
The contracts for the Study for E-Bike Network with “University of Craiova” and for the promotion campaign were signed.
2 press-conferences organized by Vidin chamber of commerce and industry and LEASME Calafat were organized.
Reference period: 02/05/2016 – 01/08/2016
During the current reporting period, the project activities are going according to schedule, without registering delays.
The Study on E-bike network. Transport connections within TEN-T infrastructure. Development of e-bike itineraries is finalized.
The Preparation of the E-bike network is ongoing – the study for creation of E-bike network was elaborated and contracts for organization of events were signed.
The Creation of E-bike network is ongoing. The Lead Beneficiary signed the contract for supply of equipment. Beneficiary 2 signed the contract for delivery of 35 charging stations (delivered). Beneficiaries 3 and 4 signed the contracts for supply of bicycles.
The Promotion campaign is ongoing. Contracts were signed for: shooting a 50 mins movie (for LB and B2), technical organization in carrying out the events, promotional sportswear for cycling (150 T-shirts were delivered to LB, 400 T-shirts were delivered to B2).

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