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Listen, Educate, Act and Read in a Network

One of the main concerns of teenagers is choosing their future career. It can get really challenging for teenagers not knowing exactly how to use the skills or how to figure it out what job would suit them.

The beneficiaries of the LEARN Project (“Listen, Educate, Act and Read in a Network” Project - ROBG - 153) took on board this challenge and supported many teenagers from the cross border area to find their way into the future professional life.

How exactly? By providing psychological, career and group counselling to approximately 250 students, but also to their parents and teachers. The adults also LEARN how to properly guide the young ones, providing support and understanding, thanks to the group counselling. Also, during the vocational ateliers, the teenagers learnt new things, took notes and discussed with the trainers.

A cross-border strategy regarding the role of local public authorities in providing the necessary advice and support for students as future citizens was developed. 40 vocational workshops with local and county employers were also organized to support the young ones and help them understand what does a job entails and what the responsibilities of an employee are. During the workshops, the local employers answered the teenager’s questions and shared a little bit of their work experience, in order to encourage them.

Additionally, 4 study visits and exchange of good practices were organized in Constanta county and Dobrich district.

Last, but not least, a website was created,, where anyone, but especially students, teachers, parents, employers and professional advisors can find useful information.


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