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Development and adoption of a joint institutionalized partnership on risk management on excessive proliferation of insects affecting public health and safety within the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria

What’s the goal?

A new integrated mechanism of control over insect population will be set up and a strategy for the joint risk management will be developed.

What’s the budget?

1,212,474.94 euro, out of which 1,030,603.69 ERDF

Who is doing it?

Lead beneficiary (LB): Association of Danube River Municipalities “Danube” (ADRM, Bulgaria)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): “Living Nature" Foundation, Calarasi

When is it happening?

Start date: 03.02.2016

End date: 02.02.2018

Duration: 24 months

Where is it happening?

Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Vidin, Vratsa, Ruse, Montana, Silistra and Dobrich in Bulgaria 

Giurgiu, Mehedinţi, Calarasi, Constanta, Dolj, Teleorman, Olt in Romania

How is it going to happen?                      

  • 1 joint institutionalized partnership on insect population management
  • 1 preliminary study on the risk of increase in insect population
  • 1 common strategy on control over insect population
  • 2 surveys on the quality of joint risk management
  • 1 GIS on control over insect population
  • 14 round tables
  • 1 conference

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: 4,770,000 people benefiting from actions of risk management, 1 joint partnership in the field of joint early warning and emergency response

Programme results: increase of the quality of joint risk management from 2 (somewhat inappropriate) to 3 (satisfactory) in the area

Project status

The project is finalized.

The common geographical information system on control over insect population (BuGIS) was created and is available at:

2 surveys on how the quality of joint risk management on excessive increase in insect population in the Romania - Bulgaria area is appreciated, were elaborated.

The common strategy on control over insect population in cross border area was elaborated.

14 round tables and 1 conference with representatives from different institutions and organizations involves in the risk management on control over insect population, were held.

Future actions shall be done by the project partners in the sustainability period of the project in order to use the outputs of the project on a larger scale in the benefit of the population in order to increase the quality of joint risk management in the cross border area, therefore in order to validate the results of the project.


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