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Danube Entrepreneurship (ROBG – 186)

Danube Partnership for Mobility and Entrepreneurship


What’s the goal?

To increase the potential of independent activities and entrepreneurship to create jobs in the cross-border area


What’s the budget?

453,967.48 euro, out of which 385,872.35 euro ERDF


Lead beneficiary: Mehedinţi Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

Beneficiary (B2): Vidin Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Start date: 18.08.2017

End date: 17.08.2019

Duration: 24 months


Vidin in Bulgaria

Mehedinţi in Romania





  • 1 network of entrepreneurs from the cross-border green economy
  • 1 entrepreneurial caravan
  • 4 job clubs
  • 1 job fair
  • 2 experience exchanges
  • 14 training events
  • workshops
  • workshops and awareness campaigns
  • 2 studies
  • 1 action plan

Results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: 8 initiatives that activate workforce mobility in the cross border area, 960 participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint training

Programme results: 1.060 people that have access to joint employment initiatives

Project status

The project is finalized, the followings results achieved:

- 14 training sessions, attended by 240 people in fields like: Taxation, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship/ business, Marketing, Romanian and Bulgarian Language.

- 4 job clubs with 130 participants. During the Jobs club, the entrepreneurs present in front of the participants (students and unemployed people from Bulgaria and Romania), their business and free jobs position with the requirements of the position.

- 1 network of entrepreneurs from the cross-border green economy- the network was developed by signing 54 collaborative protocols, development of 1 action plan after the consultation with the entrepreneurs acting in the green economy, 1 data base with companies acting in the green energy (58 companies from Romania and 53 from Bulgaria

- 1 cross- border green job fair was held in Vidin on 09.08.2019, with 70 participants from Romania and Bulgaria.

- the followings studies were elaborated: Study for identification of entrepreneurial needs for trainings, adapted to the cross border region’s economy and Opportunities and challenges regarding cross-border entrepreneurship, published in 1,000 copies each and distributed within the project activities in order to enable all the economic operators and the interested organizations to apply the resulting information from the cross-border area.

All activities carried out were presented on the project websites: and


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