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ROBG 432

Project: ROBG-432

Silistra - Eco-friendly – Viabil – Electric –Năvodari Transport

What’s the goal?

To improve tertiary nodes connection by reconstruction of 4,315 m of road and introducing eco-friendly-transportation in the Silistra - Navodari cross-border area.


Start date: 24.04.2018/End date: 23.04.2023/Duration: 60 months

Partners and Budget

Beneficiary Budget
of which Infrastructure and works  (€) of which Works  (€) Target at half implementation  (€)
LB: Municipality of Navodari (RO)  4,834,591.34 4,390,667.56 4,273,698.04 1,000,000
B2: Silistra Municipality  (BG) 3,062,136.45 2,697,862.79 2,672,320.59 67,634
Total 7,896,727.79 7,088,530.35 6,946,018.63 1,067,634



Navodari, Silistra


Project Activities

  • Elaboration of a Joint Strategy whose aim will be to identify better transport services for the citizens in the cross-border area, improve the accessibility and mobility of people with minimum effects on the environment and propose future projects to be developed in common;
  • Elaboration of a Joint Route Guide which will gather information about bicycle lanes and routes, sightseeing - cultural and natural heritage, hotels, shops and garages for bicycles in the region of Silistra and Navodari;
  • Construction of a 14,414 m of bike lanes, construction of 7 bike docks in Silistra (for standard and electric bikes), 36 bus and bike stations in Navodari and 1 solar parking in Silistra;
  • Rehabilitation of 4,315 km of road;
  • Organization of communication and promotion activities.


Contribution to Programme indicators

Programme outputs:

4,315 km of rehabilitated roads;

2 joint mechanisms that facilitate the connection of secondary/tertiary nodes to TEN-T infrastructure;

Programme results:

68,211 persons from the cross border area will be served by modernized infrastructure leading to TEN-T.


Project status

Current Project Status:

The Project is in the 38th month of implementation out of 44 months (as extended with 14 months by addendum no. 2/20.10.2020). The physical progress, is as it follows:

- The LB finalized the works for activity I2 –Roads Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation of Navodari Boulevard Work, 3,840 km in length), but on the right side of Navodari Boulevard, at KM 3+840, the sidewalk is not completed (on site there is a concrete construction – around which the pavers are missing). At the end  of the rehabilitated section , Km 3+840 on the right side, a not very visible failure of the road was observed. In this area, at the end of the ditch the asphalt broke, the last cover plate moved.

- 33 bus and bike stations have been mounted;

- The activities that LB still have to executed are: the line bicycle on Albinelor and Constanta streets, to install the road signs on Albinelor and Constanta streets, to install the safety metal parapet, to install and paint the pedestrian parapet and to install the 3 pieces of bus stations.

- B2 has finalized the activity I2- Roads Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation of Nikola Y. Vapstarov street, 0,475 km), there was issued Certificate 15 from 28th February 2020 by the bodies of the Directorate for national construction control, for the finalized rehabilitated road.

- Still, B2 register delays under Activity - I1 Sustainable eco-friendly transport system, namely Works for Bike lanes and bike docks in Silistra and Works for solar parking.

The project website is updated and functional:

Modification request no.5/request for addendum no.4 regarding the modification to change the location of 7 bus and bike stations was initiated in EMS system on 08.07.2021.

The deadline for the half implementation period of the project was 31st of July 2019. As both beneficiaries fulfilled their targets established at the half implementation period, there is no risk for decommitment at project level. Currently, the financial progress for each partner is as following:

1. From the total budget of LB, 4,834,591.34  euro, amounts requested to be certified sum up  3,388,817.07 euro, out of which the total amounts certified by FLC sum up 3,357,814.64 euro (69.45 %).

2. From the total budget of B2, 3,062,136.46  euro, amounts requested to be certified sum up 397,807.31 euro, out of which the total amounts certified by FLC sum up 377,317.34 euro (12.32%).

The financial execution at project level up to the present moment is 47.30 % (namely 3,735,131.98 euro that represent amounts certified by FLC) from the total budget of the project (7,896,727.80 euro).


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