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MaST Education

Science and technology have contributed to the advancement and development of our lives by creating new concepts. Nowadays, people are thirsty for more information, activities, and action while everything is constantly updating.

The beneficiaries of the project “Coordination of joint policies and equipment investments in the field of education in the cross-border area” (ROBG-165) understood the importance of science and technology and decided to come up with an awesome initiave: the development of the MaST field (mathematics-sciences and technologies) in the educational systems of the cross-border area România-Bulgaria!

They created MICS (MaST Innovation and Creativity Study shops) in 8 high-schools from the cbc area. Educational robots, telescopes, photometer kits are just a few of the equipments purchased within the project for the MICS endowments

All the students were thrilled to be part of the many workshops organized in each highschool, where they learnt that science is interesting, chemistry turned on to be really useful, robots are friendly and helpful and most shocking: math can also be fun and engaging! So their objective was accomplished and a real hit.

For more information and pictures, visit their website:



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