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Young Project Manager

If you're a young person looking for a job, you may be finding the process to be exhausting. And it is perfectly normal! This is the time of your life when you need support and guidance the most, but also full access to employment opportunities in order to choose your future careers.

The beneficiaries of the "YOUNG Project Manager" (ROBG 146) got that and they have your back! They aim to support youth employment in cross-border areas by promoting mobility and vocational education of young people and succesfully accomplished it through two amazing initiatives.

To begin, the project provided 375 young people with the opportunity to participate in 15 project management training sessions, with each receiving a diploma. The goal was to assist students in developing both professional and intercultural competencies.

In addition, a digital platform,, was created to provide young people with greater access to a variety of jobs. You can look for jobs in a specific location, area, or based on your skills by using the filtres created within the platform. Isn't it simple?

The project facilitated the access of 15.000 people to joint employment initiatives and further, it supports young students in finding new career opportunities.

Take a look on their platform and let us know your opinion.


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