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Joint risk management and partnership in the border region Calarasi – Dobrich


What’s the goal?

The objective of the project is to cover the risk prevention management and to solve potential and existing problems in these areas by using the joint forces of the two neighbouring countries instead of each country using only its own resources.

What’s the budget?

800,216.17 euro, out of which  680,183.74 euro ERDF

Target at the half of the implementation period: 45,165 euro for LB, 17,200 euro for B2

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): Dobrichka Municipality Administration (BG)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Calarasi County Emergency Situations Inspectorate ”Barbu Știrbei”  (RO)

When is it happening?

Start date: 13.03.2019

End date: 12.03.2021

Duration: 24 months

Where is it happening?

Dobrich in Bulgaria 

Calarasi in Romania

How is it going to happen?

  • 1 Strategy and Action plan for common activities against the flood and other natural disaster
  • 1 Joint network of partners for joint early warning and emergency response, including 1 action plan
  • Purchase and equipment delivery for Dobrichka Municipality for mitigate the negative impact of the natural and other disasters
  • Purchasing of specific equipment for Calarasi Emergency Situations Inspectorate

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs:

1,595,920 persons benefiting from actions of risk management

1,210,000 persons benefiting from flood protection measures

11 joint partnerships signed in the field of joint early warning and emergency response

Programme results:

510,000 persons will benefit by the quality of the joint risk management in the CBC area

Project status (reflected in progress reports)

The project start was announced in the local media in March 2019.

The two partners set up the project implementation teams and focused on the project preparation activities. LB awarded the contract for procurement consultancy and the service provider started elaboration of the award documentation for the main public procurements within the project. B3, purchased the equipment for project management purposes, as well as a transport and intervention 4x4 vehicle.

The common Strategy and the common Action plan were elaborated and accepted by the LB in May 2020. The strategy and the action plan were translated in Eng and RO and printed in 100 trilingual copies.

The main procurement for purchase of specialized equipment on behalf of the LB was finalized. The contracts for delivery of specific equipment for 5 lots were signed on 13.05.2021.

B2 purchased the following equipment: network server with operating system license; workstations with operating system license and Office type package licenses; office package licenses; external video surveillance system and wall screen.

Promotional materials were elaborated by the B3 (indoor and outdoor banners, roll-ups, posters, leaflets and ballpoints pens) and handed to people in order to inform them about the project details and specifics. The project website was developed, available in Ro, Bg and Eng.




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