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Networking for natural heritage and resources

What’s the goal?                                              

The overall objective of the project is to create common innovative touristic products on the brand NATBIOT and to improve the quality and marketing of services in tourism

What’s the budget?

465,066.26 euro, out of which 395,306.31 euro ERDF


Lead Beneficiary (LB): Romanian Movement For Quality

Beneficiary 2 (B2): National Center for Information Service Association)


Start date: 31.07.2018

End date: 30.01.2020

Duration: 18 months


Dolj, Olt, Mehedinți counties in Romania

Montana, Vratsa, Pleven districts in Bulgaria


  • 1 study on natural and cultural heritage
  • thematic seminars, meetings, promotional materials
  • 4 joint tourism packages under NATBIOT concept
  • 1 smartphone application, web page
  • 4 NATBIOT touristic packages film production
  • events
  • mass-media campaign (TV spots)
  • 2 joint strategies
  • NATBIOT conference
  • procurement of equipment

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: 6 integrated tourism products/services created, 160.000 expected number of visits to supported sites of cultural and natural heritage and attraction, 3 common strategies/policies/plans for valorizing the cultural and natural heritage

Programme results: increase of the number of overnights in the CBC area with 160.000

Project status:

The project is finalized.


- The joint Study on the Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Cross-border area of Dolj, Olt, Mededinti (RO) - Vidin, Montana, Vratsa and Pleven (BG) was elaborated, translated in English and Bulgarian languages. The joint study elaborated has been printed, as a brochure, in Bulgarian and English languages and was distributed during the raising awareness regarding the advantage of services using specific natural resources and bio products, available also on the project website 4 packages in eco-tourism has been identified;

- 1 smartphone application “Natbio travelling” was elaborated and is available for both IOS and Google Play in RO, BG and EN and can be downloaded from the project website;

- 1 project website was elaborated, available at;

- 2 joint strategies were elaborated, namely marketing strategy for eco-bio products and joint strategy for increasing the quality of eco-bio products.


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