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Advanced Competitiveness Through Improvement, Vision and Education

What’s the goal?

To increase the employment rate of the elderly people by reducing occupational incompatibility of supply and demand of jobs due to the low or outdated level of the education and to ensure the preconditions for the insertion and maintenance on the labor market of elderly people in order to sustain an active and healthy ageing.

What’s the budget?

446,981.32 euro, out of which 379,934.10 euro ERDF


Lead Beneficiary (LB): Tuzla commune Hall (Romania)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Agigea commune Hall(Romania)

Beneficiary 3 (B3): Cumpana commune Hall (Romania)

Beneficiary 4 (B4):Balchik Municipality (Bulgaria)


Start date: 19.08.2017

End date: 18.02.2019

Duration: 18 months


Constanta, Romania

Dobrich, Bulgaria


  • Project management;
  • Organization of the target group;
  • Information & publicity campaign;
  • Project identity promotion campaign;
  • Training centers;
  • Professional training programme;
  • CB Strategy to increase the employment of the elderly;
  • ACTIVE ONLINE Platform;
  • Employment Cooperation Agreements;
  • Job fairs.

Results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs:

- 12 initiatives that activate workforce mobility in the cross border area; 200 participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint training

Programme results:

          - 48,055 persons will have access to joint employment initiatives

Project status (reflected in progress reports)

The project is finalized.

The main project results include:

Four training centers were established in the location of each project partner, Tuzla, Agigea, Cumpana and Balchik, in buildings that are the property of the project partners. The trainings centers were endowed with logistic equipment and were used for the organization of the training programme. The training centers remain available to the entire local community, thus ensuring also the sustainability of the project, organization of professional trainings with and for the community, being able to be developed in a proper environment and adapted to the needs of mentors/trainers.

- After defining the target group, the training programmes were conducted and 192 persons received qualification certificates in different professions, like baby sitter, security agent, guesthouse administrator, water supply and sewerage, baker-pastry.

- A Cross Border Strategy to increase the employment of the elderly was elaborated and is available at

- 2 cooperation agreements between all project partners, Bulgaria`s National Agency for Employment and Constanta County Agency for Employment were concluded, designed to strengthen the cooperation in the field of labour force and particularly aimed at maintaining the elderly people on the labour market. The ACTIVE Cooperation Agreement was signed in Balchik Municipality (26.09.2018) and the ACTIVE Technical Secretariat Agreement in Tuzla commune, Constanta County (09.10.2018).

- 2 Job Fairs were organized In Tuzla, Constanta County, on 11.12.2018, (143 participants) and in Balchik on 19.12.2018 (83 participants).

- Information and promotion activities took place as well: organization of press conferences, publication of press releases, elaboration of promotional materials.

More information on the project can be found on the project’s platform, available in English, Romanian and Bulgarian.


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