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Improving the connection of tertiary nodes Mangalia and Balchik to TEN-T infrastructure

What’s the goal?

The project proposes as the main objective to improve access for the inhabitants of the 2 partners and for all those who are transiting the cities to TEN-T network and to create the premises of further economic development of the region, by proper connection of the modal points.The project envisages the upgrading of 16 km of road infrastructure in two tertiary and multimodal nodes Mangalia, RO and Balchik, BG the investment being sustained and enhanced by 4 joint mechanisms (route guidance, feasibility study addressing cross-border transport, traffic safety measures, awareness raising activities); that will facilitate the connection of the two nodes to the TEN-T infrastructure.

What’s the budget?

7,049,095. 87 euro, out of which 5,991,731. 48 euro ERDF

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): Territorial Administrative Unit – Mangalia Municipality

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Balchik Municipality

When is it happening?

Start date: 04.04.2019

End date: 03.04.2022

Duration: 36 months

Where is it happening?

Mangalia in Romania

Balchik in Bulgaria

How is it going to happen?

  • Developing 4 joint mechanisms, namely route guidance, feasibility study addressing cross-border transport, traffic safety measures and awareness raising activities;
  • Modernization of 17 road streets in Managalia – Str. Portului – 1701 ml, Str. Ion Creanga – 223 ml, Str. Dr Motas – 291 ml, Str Negru Voda – 375 ml, Str Libertatii – 199 ml, Str Tepes Voda – 538 ml, Str. Mihai Viteazu – 663 ml, Str IC Bratianu – 308 ml, Str Vanatori – 238 ml, Str Mircea cel Batran – 182 ml, Str Mihai Eminescu – 390 ml, Str Vasile Alecsandri – 200 ml, Str Vasile Parvan – 353 ml, Str Marasesti – 151 ml, Str. Muncitorului – 717 ml, Str Oituz – 976 ml, Str Frumoasei – 329 ml; The total length: 7.834 km;
  • Rehabilitation of the municipal road Kavarna - Balchik - Topola - Ikantalaka – border municipality (Kavarna - Balchik) - Tuzlata - Balchik – Albena;
  • Promotional activities focus on providing project information, transparency, as well as presenting the main results of project activities and target groups in the cross-border region.

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: Total length of reconstructed or upgraded roads – 16.45 km;

Number of joint mechanisms to facilitate the connection of secondary/tertiary nodes to TEN-T infrastructure (e.g. route guidance, incidents/emergencies detection and management, studies on traffic flows, feasibility studies addressing cross-border – 4;

Programme result: Cross border population served by modernized infrastructure leading to TEN-T - 49,301.00 citizens.

Project status

The project results achieved so far:

LB has concluded the contract for information and publicity measures.

B2 has launched the respective procurement procedure and have already contracts signed. In this regard, B2 organized and performed the Opening conference for the project in Balchik in December 2019.

The status of implementation of the investment objectives is as follows:

LB – Improving the road infrastructure in Mangalia for a better connection to the TEN-T network – 16 Town streets with total length from 7,83 km – Technical Project was developed and all necessary permits were obtained. The works execution contract was signed on 12th of December 2019, the Order for Starting the works was issued on 23.12.2019.The completion of the works is estimated to be done in 12 months. The contractor started rehabilitation of the sidewalks on 11 streets from total 17 foreseen to modernized from Mangalia City road network so far, as follows:

- Muncitorului Street – 90% total length 717 ml;

- Negru Voda Street – 90% total length 375 ml;

- Libertatii Street – 90% total length 199 ml;

- Mihai Viteazul Street – 90% total length 663 ml;

- I.C. Bratianu Street – 90% total length 308 ml;

- Vanatori Street – 90% total length 238 ml;

- Oituz Street – 90% total length 976 ml;

- Mircea cel Batran Street – 90% total length 182 ml;

- Ion Creanga – 90% total length 223 ml;

- Tepes Voda Street – 90% total length 538 ml;

- Portului Street – 90%, total length 1701 ml;

The above mentioned streets have only the first layer of asphalt, and that a second layer is expected to be further executed.

Further on, LB has started the public acquisition for awarding a delivery contract for maintenance vehicle. The procedure was resumed. After offers re-evaluation finalized on 27.03.2020, the new procedure report was released. At deadline for offers submission, 3 offers were registered. The public procurement was completed and a contract for the acquisition of the maintenance vehicle was signed. Following the frames of the signed contract for purchase of the equipment, the maintenance vehicle is expected to be delivered at LB` premises until the end of October 2020.

B2 - Modernizing road infrastructure in Balchik in order to improve the connectivity to the TEN-T network – 8,62 km – The execution was continuously fully ongoing and currently completed and so far 8.62 km are finalized, which represents 100% from the total road length foreseen to be modernized at B2` level.

All construction activities have been finalized. All necessary documents in accordance with the Bulgarian Spatial Planning law have been issued and signed by all relevant parties for all three sections:

I. Rehabilitation of municipal road DOB1149 /I-9, Kavarna- Balchik/- Topola- Ikantalaka- municipality border (Kavarna- Balchik)- Tuzlata– Balchik- Albena / I-9 /, from km 4 + 500, at municipality border (Kavarna - Balchik), to km 10+020, into the crossroad with Road II-27 in the town of Balchik – L=5 520 m ” - Protocol for acceptance of the executed works, issued on 28.08.2020;

II.“Rehabilitation of municipal road DOB 3160 - /DOB 1149, Topola - Balchik / - municipality border (Kavarna - Balchik) - Tuzlata- /DOB 1149/” from km 2+170 to km 4+083 – L=1 913 m “- Protocol for acceptance of the executed works, issued on 24.08.2020;

III. “Rehabilitation of part of the street network of Balchik, for which Protocol for acceptance of the executed works was issued on 01.09.2020, including:

- section of "Primorska" street from OT77 to OT118, L = 400 m;

- turnaround for buses on "Primorska" street, F = 1 400 m2;

- a crossroad between "Primorska" and "Cherno more" streets;

- section of "Cherno more" street from OT37 to OT308, L = 790 m.”


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