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Restoration of unique common cultural heritage and promotion of joint tourism product "Hamangia - first civilisation of Old Europe

What’s the goal?

The overall objective of the project is to improve the sustainable use of the cultural heritage - the Hamangia Culture in Bulgarian and Romanian Dobrudzha (Dobrogea) Region through joint efforts and actions regarding preservation and valorization of the Hamangia cultural heritage with a view of development of a joint integrated tourism product "Hamangia" and its joint promotion and management.

What’s the budget?

1,494,037.66 euro, out of which 1,269,932euro ERDF

Target at the half of the implementation period: 74,983 euro for LB, 96,395 euro for B2

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): Shabla Municipality (Bulgaria)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Territorial Administrative Unit Cernavoda Town (Romania)

When is it happening?

Start date: 27.07.2018

End date: 26.07.2021

Duration: 36 months

Where is it happening?

Constanta (Romania)

Dobrich (Bulgaria)

How is it going to happen?                       

  • Study of the Hamangia culture of the target CB region as an info-base for the further well-grounded joint development of the tourism product "Hamangia";
  • Development of a joint integrated tourism product "Hamangia", incl. joint tourist route and innovative ICT-based touristic services;
  • Valorization of resources and improvement of attractiveness of the archaeological site "Archaeological Park Durankulak – Hamangia” in Shabla Municipality through small scale investments;
  • Valorization of the historic and cultural resources of Cernavoda by developing the „Hamangia Centre” composed by a new museum approach through small scale investments in rehabilitation and endowments of existing buildings;  
  • Promotion of the tourism product "Hamangia" through organization of promotional campaigns among the target groups in compliance with the marketing strategy developed under the project.

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs:  8,000 increase in expected number of visits to supported sites of cultural and natural heritage and attraction; 1 integrated tourism products/services created; 1 common strategy, policy or management plan for valorizing (including raising awareness) the cultural and natural heritage through its restoration and promotion for sustainable economic uses

Programme results: 40,000 tourist overnights in the CBC region

Project status

The reported achievements so far are as follows:

- 2 Press Announcements were posted on the websites of Shabla and Cernavoda Municipalities;

- The technical design, for the Development of the Hamangia Centre in Cernavoda Town, including the two existing buildings allocated for the development of Hamangia Centre and Atelier Ganditorul (Thinker Workshop), have been elaborated and submitted for verification by the Programme Bodies.


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